About the Cocktail Agency

The Cocktail Agency stands for luxury and perfection. We want to deliver ultimate and memorable experiences through perfect cocktails. The idea arose from the demand for delicious cocktails that can really make a difference during an evening at home or at a party with the quality of the best cocktail bars. We have more than 12 years of experience in the cocktail and bar industry and won several national and international Awards. This website is made for cocktail delivery purpose only, to read about all our activities (catering, workshops & consultancy) we advise to have a look at our main website.

Our cocktails

The cocktails are freshly shaken and mixed according to our award-winning recipes using the finest local key ingredients from the Netherlands. The cocktails are made by our professional bartenders that won many prizes in cocktail making. All cocktails are freshly prepared and instantly frozen and come with special garnishes.

Our cocktails are served in sustainable cocktail ‘pouches’. The pouches have a handy pouring cap with a fresh seal, so you can enjoy a cocktail carefree, wherever you are, and reseal it.

How do I store my Cocktails?

Your cocktails have arrived and you are wondering how to store the cocktails.

In the freezer

All you have to do is keeping your cocktails in the freezer as soon as it is delivered and it will be defrosted in 1 hour and 15minutes. So you can enjoy delicious cocktails at any time on any occasion! Frozen, it will keep for months, but to guarantee the quality we advise consuming it within 2 months.

Store in fridge

Once thawed, the cocktail can easily be kept for a week (at max 7 ° C degrees) in the fridge.

How do I order

Choose your favorite cocktails via the webshop at www.thecocktailagency.delivery

Order process

You are at the homepage of in the shop of www.thecocktailagency.delivery and are wondering how to order cocktails.

  • Simply use the + button to choose the amount of cocktails/cocktail boxes you want to add to your cart.
  • Press the add to cart button
  • Go to Cart (cart sign in the navigation bar) to check your order
  • Click check out to finish the order
  • You can pay with Mollie payment system & Creditcard

Delivery straight to your doorstep

Option 1: Postal shipping (shipment in 48/h): The Netherlands (1-3 working days), Belgium (1-3 working days*), France (3-4 working days*), Germany (2-3 working days*)
Option 2: Pick-up at our Cocktail lab on Weesperzijde 150 in Amsterdam

* After shipment 48/h.